The Importance of Planning Your Internet Marketing and Business Strategy


I’m sure you have heard about Mind Maps. The gurus talk about them all the time. Some even call them “money maps.” A map is a tool for showing how you get from point A to point B. Folks with common sense won’t leave home without a good one or at least a good GPS system. But how does this apply to your internet business? The key thing to note here is the importance of planning your internet marketing and business strategy.

Marketing Plans Are Simple As long as you keep in mind where you want to go. To start out planning your internet marketing and business strategy consider these key points:

  1. Define Where You Are — Right now with your internet business — define where you are. List out what you have done that works and what hasn’t worked.
  2. Define Where You Want To Go — Set some achievable goals. Goals are benchmarks, they’re like the quarter marks on a lap around the football field. They tell you where you are in relationship to where you want to be.
  3. List Out Your Problems — Be honest — hidden in your problems are secret gems that you can exploit to your own betterment. Be open to see them.
  4. List Out Your Opportunities — After listing your problems, you may come up with a whole host of wonderful opportunities.
  5. Develop your Strategy — What steps will you take to get there? Will it be niche marketing, affiliate marketing, PPC, CPA or article marketing.
  6. Define the Tactics — that will help you get to where you want to go. If you find yourself being flanked on the right by the opposing team, maybe you need to run a button-hook play (like in Football) — something simple that will take you to the goal line.
  7. Define Your Mission Statement — This will become the underlying theme of everything you hope to achieve.

Imagine a football team on the field without a plan, and you will soon see the importance of planning your internet marketing business and strategy.


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