Why Most Online Marketers and Business Owners Fail



There are 3 big reasons why most online marketers and business owners fail and it doesn’t have anything to do with commitment or dedication. It has to do with what they have been getting taught!

Just because you know how to make a great crust, doesn’t mean you can bake a great pie!

Here are the 3 reasons most online marketers and business owners fail:

1. They don’t have a clear and compelling vision from start to finish!

Taking courses that teach you how to do pay per click, article writing, YouTube video making, and all that stuff is great, it really is. But it is also a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME if you don’t first understand the big picture and how everything cåomes together to make the whole.

In order to be successful you need everything that you do to work in harmony as a single unit and you cannot get to that point if you don’t understand or have never been properly shown how the “big picture” is supposed to look.

Without that, you will be running around like a chicken with its head cut off not accomplishing much other than some serious frustration. (If you’re a vegetarian you may substitute “chicken with its head cut off” for “Celery with its stalk cut off!”

There are two parts within your vision you need to focus on:

A. Understand who your true prospects are and create your vision around them!Understand who your ideal client is! Beginning marketers often make the mistake of trying to appeal to as broad of an audience as possible. This is the exact opposite of what you should be doing.

B. Build “Emotional Triggers” and “Hot Buttons” into your vision!

Understand how your prospects make decisions to buy your product or service and communicate in a way that makes them want to TAKE ACTION! It all comes down to hitting “Emotional Triggers”. We all buy on emotions first and then justify our purchases with logic.

2. They don’t understand how to properly setup their “marketing funnels” within their vision or they have yet to be taught what a marketing funnel is!

A marketing funnel is basically a series of progressive steps (generally setup through an automated process such as an email AutoResponder) that allow you to create multiple streams of income as you guide people through your funnel and build a relationship of trust which makes your final selling point an easy “yes” decision.

If that is all knew to you or sounds scary or difficult, it’s not. In fact, once you see how it’s done, it is very simple to do yourself, and I have a free training series available that will teach you how to do all of it with step by step instructions.

3. They don’t have a mentor!

As the song goes, “everybody needs somebody sometime”. We all need a mentor who will help keep us on track, keep us motivated, and give us feedback as we build our online business. You can go at it alone and succeed, but the road will be much more difficult to travel without someone to help navigate the twists and turns.


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